HOMER Announcements

UL Solutions HOMER® Grid Software’s New Release Empowers Electric Vehicle Charging Station Designers to Maximize Revenue and Return on Investment

A new release of HOMER® Grid, energy modeling software for grid-connected hybrid power projects, enables users to rapidly calculate EV charging revenue. The new capability helps project developers reduce the time and uncertainty of evaluating the ROI of a proposed, site-specific, renewable energy-plus-storage powered charging station, maximize the project’s value, and demonstrate that value to customers. Additional updates include the addition of California’s new Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 tariffs and the ability to import project production data from other design software. Learn more at the webinar on Sept. 28, 2023. Read more for details.

Powering the coming surge of electric vehicles with renewable energy

The coming surge of electric vehicles is going to create massive new demand for EV charging stations. And that in turn is going to create greater nationwide demand for electricity and a challenge for the aging U.S. grid. In a new article in Microgrid Knowledge, Peter Lilienthal, creator of the HOMER software, explains how HOMER Grid can help solve that problem:

HOMER Grid 1.10 new EV charging and tariff  features are now available

Electric vehicles are expected to sweep the nation, creating a critical need for businesses to consider EV charging infrastructure and calculate the potential revenue of adding EV charging. That’s one reason we’re super excited to roll out the new version 1.10 of HOMER Grid software, which includes a cutting-edge revenue calculator for EV charging stations, as well as new NEM 3.0 tariffs and the ability to import multiple solar and wind production data files.

UL Solutions Releases New Features for HOMER® Grid Modeling Software to Enable More Detailed Cost Evaluations for Grid-tied Microgrids

A new release of HOMER Grid, energy modeling software for grid-connected hybrid power projects, enables more detailed cost calculations. HOMER Grid 1.9 also facilitates setting utility tariffs. The new features allow energy professionals to complete more accurate cost and performance evaluations for a specific distributed energy project. Learn more at a Dec 7, 2022 HOMER Grid webinar.

Webinar: De-Risking Microgrids & DERs in Australia – System Design, Safety & Bankability

Hybrid power systems, whether as remote microgrids or grid-connected distributed energy systems are integral to the future of Australia’s rapidly evolving energy landscape. But hybrid power systems require financing, and financiers seek projects that offer low risk. This webinar examines the challenges of designing, building, and operating hybrid power systems that incorporate both renewable resources and storage. Expert panelists discuss best practice design choices and cost-effective operation and maintenance.

Registration Now Open for Virtual 8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference

Registration is now open for the 8th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference, taking place online October 12-16, 2020. Attendance is free for this five-day virtual event, with online sessions led by global industry experts who will explore the rapidly changing world of microgrids and distributed energy resources.

8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference: Virtual

HOMER Energy is pleased to announce that the 8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference will take place virtually this fall, as a series of online events that will be announced soon. We look forward to involving even more people than are usually able to attend our conference. We will celebrate our new way of connecting as we share the latest innovations in microgrid development:

Actions We Can Take Right Now Toward a Cleaner, Healthier Tomorrow

Our current global situation has many of us working from our homes and adjusting to changing plans. One change is that we are going to make the 2020 HOMER International Microgrid Conference this fall a virtual event. In the meantime, Marilyn Walker, PhD, and COO of HOMER Energy, says we can use this time to plan for – and model – a clean energy future together.

California presses ahead with new microgrid plans

Unpopular power shutoffs to curb fire danger, and the catastrophic human and financial impact of wildfires is spurring California to move towards rapid development of microgrids. Now 20 new microgrids are slated for completion by the fall of 2020. The tribal microgrid at Blue Lake Rancheria demonstrates how these local power networks can continue to provide electricity when the main grid is down, saving lives and delivering emergency services:

New Updates to HOMER Grid Software Offer Enhanced Modeling for Distributed Energy Systems

The HOMER Grid software, a tool for pre-feasibility analysis of grid-tied distributed energy systems, has three new features that will make it an even more powerful and efficient tool. Released this week, HOMER Grid 1.6 provides for close integration with financial modeling tools, easy creation of custom utility tariffs and improved ways to determine the optimal size of PV inverters: