8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference: Virtual

Live Conference, 100% Virtual This Year

In response to the need to stay safe, healthy and connected this year, we are pleased to announce that the 8th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference, HIMC 2020, will be hosted entirely virtually.

We plan a series of 1-2 hour online sessions over several weeks this fall. The content will be rich, speakers and attendees will be knowledgeable, and we are planning additional opportunities for our growing microgrid community to engage with one another.

Our user base is truly global, extending to every area of the world. We are excited to grow our global interconnection as we interact and learn from each other about the latest developments in the rapidly evolving microgrid industry.

Paving the Road to the Future

While the shift from in-person to online is a response to the current global situation, we think this  may be the start of a larger trend. Just as we see microgrids as the future of the power industry, virtual conferences may be the future of global engagements. We look forward to enlarging our global HOMER community while reducing costs for attendees as well as our carbon footprint.

Watch for our Call for Speakers

Topics being considered for this year’s conference are listed below. If you are an energy professional interested in proposing a 15-minute presentation, please watch for a Call for Speakers soon to come. Speakers will present online in a richly interactive webinar setting to attendees from around the world.

If you have other topic suggestions, please let us know. We would love to hear your ideas!

Proposed Topics: 8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference

  • Grid-connected case studies
    • Resilience planning, critical infrastructure, emergency facilities
  • Business models for distributed energy systems both on- and off-grid
    • Finance issues
    • Due diligence for microgrids
    • Regulatory issues 
  • Market forecast
  • Technical forecast: new advancements, reducing the cost and increasing the capability
    • Microgrid controls
    • Storage technologies
  • Operational Issues
    • E.g. meter, monitoring, and maintenance
    • Safety issues
    • Grid stability issues
  • Electric vehicle charging
    • Reducing impact on commercial, industrial and personal energy bills
    • Non-wires alternatives to expanding distribution capacity
    • Integrating distributed renewable energy and EV charging
  • Mini-grids for energy access in Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia 
  • Island energy planning
  • Using HOMER in the classroom 

As always, case studies of developed and operational projects are encouraged. We will also have more opportunities for presentations of academic studies and HOMER Analyses.

Please stay safe and stay tuned for a Call for Speakers and more details on the 8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference.  

Learn more about the 8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference.


  1. Hi HOMER Team,
    We are from POWER PROJECTS, INDIA doing various power system studies as well as Microgrid Studies around the world.HOMER is a well-growing software to perform a Feasibility study, LCOE and Optimum Energy Energy Mix nowadays..
    We are looking to take one topic Cost Optimization of Microgrid for Islanded Systems

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Bala. I am following up via email.

      All the best,
      Lili Francklyn

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