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About HOMER software

HOMER software from UL Solutions is the global benchmark in hybrid power system modeling, used by energy professionals worldwide. The Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources (HOMER) software helps engineers and project developers navigate the complexities of designing cost-effective and reliable microgrids, distributed generation and utility-scale renewable energy systems that combine traditional and renewable energy sources.  

HOMER software evaluates thousands of variables to compare value streams, assess system options, and provide risk mitigation and cost reduction strategies. With its logical and intuitive interface, HOMER software is easy for both professionals and non-engineers to utilize. The software also includes hundreds of preconfigured components to offer detailed insight, while addressing the modeling requirements of all major microgrid segments.

Governments, financial institutions, military agencies, utilities, energy systems integrators, and NGOs rely on HOMER software to design hybrid power systems. Over the last 10+ years, HOMER software has demonstrated its effectiveness for analyzing thousands of complex distributed energy systems, including grid-tied hybrid renewable microgrids and situations where the grid is insufficiently reliable, such as islands and remote communities. In December of 2019, HOMER Energy was purchased by UL.

About UL Solutions

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