Electrify Your Parking Lot: Successfully forecast EV charging revenue and cost in seven easy steps

Join the HOMER Software team on to discover how to take the guesswork out of forecasting EV charging revenue and costs in this educational webinar. As electric vehicles (EVs) sweep the nation, the future of parking is paved with economic opportunities. But it’s not as easy as installing direct current fast charging and getting the needed power supply. Distributed generation-plus-storage systems offer a quicker — and in most cases better and less costly — solution than power grid upgrades. But how do you evaluate the return on investment of adding distributed energy-powered EV charging stations?

HOMER Grid new release 1.9 webinar recording now available on-demand

The demand for distributed generation with energy storage is surging — and for good reason: these grid-connected microgrids are the go-to solution for today’s energy challenges. New features in HOMER Grid release 1.9 — the trusted software for designing grid-connected distributed generation projects — make it easier than ever to critically evaluate the costs and performance of energy storage and solar, as well as evolving utility tariffs. Join our HOMER Grid team on December 7th at 9 AM MT for a demonstration of the new features in HOMER Grid.

Enhancing the Value of Solar with Storage with Multiple Revenue Streams — Watch On-demand

As storage technology improves, costs decline and the electricity market changes, solar developers need to understand the financial value of adding storage and how it can enable access to additional revenue streams. Join us on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 from 11:00 AM MST to 12:00 PM MST to hear from experts as they view the opportunities and challenges from their unique perspectives.

Don’t Miss the Elum Energy Microgrid Impact Challenge

Elum Energy invites you to join a one-day multilingual webinar on Feb. 9th dedicated to introducing the ePowerControl ES/ES+, our new energy storage controller dedicated to battery storage systems, and to kick off their microgrid impact challenge. HOMER Software founder, Dr. Peter Lilienthal, will be speaking on “The Impact of Improving Technology on Microgrid Design” at Session 4, so don’t miss his insights or the opportunity to participate in the challenge!

Challenges and Opportunities in Building a Wind Service Organization Today

As renewable energy moves more and more into the spot, wind turbines are also moving into the spotlight. The Texas freeze of 2021 showcased the fact that prior to the freeze, one third of all US wind turbines needed servicing. The number is now higher with many requiring complete overhauls and repairs. Add the fact that there is a shortage of service technicians in the US to handle even a small portion of the demand and you get the perfect storm for great opportunities. Join HOMER Energy by UL Founder, Dr. Peter Lilienthal, alongside other energy experts on June 17th, 2021 at 2 PM EDT for this exclusive webinar.

Webinar: Energy storage applications for C&I in the Americas

In these recent years, microgrids systems have emerged to supply sustainable energy. In this webinar, Sinexcel and Elum Energy will present the latest control solutions for solar panels combined with battery energy storage (BESS). HOMER Energy, a company that produces microgrid modeling software to optimize and simplify microgrids, will bring his point of view by moderating this session.

Webinar – Microgrids and Hybrid Power Everywhere: Optimizing the New Energy Wave

The landscape of decarbonization and the clean energy transition is changing rapidly and speeding the adoption of more complex hybrid power systems. Join HOMER software creator Peter Lilienthal as he discusses key components of hybrid power systems, design considerations, and why techno-economic feasibility and decision analysis are critical for microgrid and hybrid power system design.

Webinar: De-Risking Microgrids & DERs in Australia – System Design, Safety & Bankability

Hybrid power systems, whether as remote microgrids or grid-connected distributed energy systems are integral to the future of Australia’s rapidly evolving energy landscape. But hybrid power systems require financing, and financiers seek projects that offer low risk. This webinar examines the challenges of designing, building, and operating hybrid power systems that incorporate both renewable resources and storage. Expert panelists discuss best practice design choices and cost-effective operation and maintenance.

Upcoming Webinar: The Advantages of PV Solutions in the MENA Region

In these recent years, solar energy and energy storage systems have emerged as a solution to supply electricity to grid-tied and off-grid sites. Solar systems can address different applications such as agriculture, C&I grid-tied, C&I off-grid, microgrids. In this webinar, we will explore the advantages of PV solutions for these different markets in the MENA region.

Webinar: The HOMER Grid Proposal Tool is Here

Join HOMER Energy Product Manager, Steffi Klawiter, and Associate Product Manager, Aarabi Madhavan, for an in-depth look at the brand new HOMER Grid Proposal Tool that generates robust, presentation ready reports based on your hybrid energy system model data in seconds! Join us to see multiple examples demonstrating how you can create a polished proposal for your HOMER Grid project.

Optimizing Energy Savings for Grid-Connected Hybrid Systems with HOMER Grid Webinar Recording

Join HOMER Energy COO, Marilyn Walker, and Product Manager, Steffi Klawiter, for an educational webinar to show you the power of HOMER Grid. Walk through the new and improved HOMER Grid to learn how you can calculate savings through energy arbitrage and demand charge reduction. With vastly expanded customization options and thousands of new tariffs to model with, HOMER Grid gives you the power to design your grid-connected distributed energy system with confidence.