Webinar: A Tour of HOMER Pro and the Latest in Optimizing Microgrid Design

Join HOMER Energy founders Peter Lilienthal and Marilyn Walker in a walk-through of HOMER Pro, the flagship microgrid optimization software. First introduced in 2014, HOMER Pro was a major redesign of HOMER, which was originally developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

A major goal of that redesign was to make it easier to expand and adapt HOMER Pro as nascent microgrid technology and markets expanded. As microgrids and technology continue to evolve, new features have been added to HOMER Pro including HOMER Optimizer; MATLAB link for custom dispatch strategies; new Dispatch capabilities such as Predictive, Generator Order and Combined; Time Series Viewer; and an expanded library of sample electricity loads, weather data and components.

This is a comprehensive tour of HOMER Pro and an introduction to the major markets and use cases that it serves.

UL Solutions’ HOMER® Pro is the leading pre-feasibility design software for modeling microgrids, with more than 250,000 users in more than 190 countries. It provides engineering and financial analyses of remote, off-grid and grid-tied complex distributed energy systems, helping reduce financial risk for owners and developers. Learn more about HOMER Pro and download a complimentary trial.


  1. I have used homer during my Masters projects course it is a software that is very flexible and very useful and it the software that I may recommend to everyone who is working on energy studies projects.

    1. We’re so pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed using HOMER software. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

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