Caribbean Renwable Energy Forum (CREF) Virtual – 2020

  • What: Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum – Virtual 2020
  • When: October 28-30, 2020

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CREF is the largest gathering of the Caribbean energy market on the annual calendar. Over 500 delegates from 50 countries participated in CREF 2019. Governments and utilities from over 25 Caribbean jurisdictions attended. Over 50 sponsors, exhibitors and partners joined the roster of CREF supporters in 2019.


Against a backdrop of a global pandemic, the Caribbean is at a tipping point. With economies in flux across the globe, the region has been hit hard. The price of oil continues to roller coaster, the tourism sector has ground to a halt, and other industries have been gravely impacted as shutdowns have swept the region.

With priorities shifting, how do we stay on track to deliver clean and resilient electric grids across the Caribbean? Draft agenda:

Day One: Situation Room

Which islands have been hit the hardest, what’s the economic outlook, and how has the energy sector been impacted?

Day Two: Solutions & Opportunities

How do we “build back” new resilient, decarbonized economies? How do we keep clean energy front and center in that process? 

Day Three: Getting It Done

We’ll need to be ambitious, and fiscal resources will be limited. How do we get it done? We’ll cover it all: Policy, regulation, financing, de-risking, supply chains, construction.