Early Adopters of Microgrid Technology: African Telecommunications Companies Use Renewable Energy to Power Cell Towers and Industry Growth

Microgrids have proven to be crucial for powering cell towers in Africa, where mobile phone technology leapfrogged over landlines in the past few decades. Ugandan engineer Nelson Tashobya explains how he has used HOMER Pro to design renewably-powered microgrids that save on diesel fuel costs and provide reliable power in remote locations.

UL Solutions HOMER® Grid Software’s New Release Empowers Electric Vehicle Charging Station Designers to Maximize Revenue and Return on Investment

A new release of HOMER® Grid, energy modeling software for grid-connected hybrid power projects, enables users to rapidly calculate EV charging revenue. The new capability helps project developers reduce the time and uncertainty of evaluating the ROI of a proposed, site-specific, renewable energy-plus-storage powered charging station, maximize the project’s value, and demonstrate that value to customers. Additional updates include the addition of California’s new Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 tariffs and the ability to import project production data from other design software. Learn more at the webinar on Sept. 28, 2023. Read more for details.

Powering the coming surge of electric vehicles with renewable energy

The coming surge of electric vehicles is going to create massive new demand for EV charging stations. And that in turn is going to create greater nationwide demand for electricity and a challenge for the aging U.S. grid. In a new article in Microgrid Knowledge, Peter Lilienthal, creator of the HOMER software, explains how HOMER Grid can help solve that problem:

UL Solutions Releases New Features for HOMER® Grid Modeling Software to Enable More Detailed Cost Evaluations for Grid-tied Microgrids

A new release of HOMER Grid, energy modeling software for grid-connected hybrid power projects, enables more detailed cost calculations. HOMER Grid 1.9 also facilitates setting utility tariffs. The new features allow energy professionals to complete more accurate cost and performance evaluations for a specific distributed energy project. Learn more at a Dec 7, 2022 HOMER Grid webinar.

Electric grid managers eye potential electricity shortages this summer

This summer, agencies that manage U.S. electric grids are preparing for potential power shortfalls because of high temperatures and drought, particularly in the Midwest and Western states. The good news is that more microgrids are coming online. Microgrids can provide additional power capacity and help keep electricity flowing to critical customers during power outages.

Microgrid Knowledge Announces Finalists for 2022 Microgrid Greater Good Awards

A key feature of the Microgrid 2022 conference coming up on June 1-2 in Philadelphia is the Microgrid Greater Good awards. Drawn from applicants from around the world, these awards focus on projects that fulfill social and humanitarian needs. Eight finalists are competing for the top prizes, which will be presented by Dr. Peter Lilienthal of HOMER Energy / UL.