UL Solutions Releases New Features for HOMER® Grid Modeling Software to Enable More Detailed Cost Evaluations for Grid-tied Microgrids

Boulder, Colo. – Nov. 30, 2022 – UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science and developer of renewable energy modeling software, today announced new features in HOMER Grid, the trusted software for designing grid-connected distributed generation projects. Now with added detail in cost calculations and improved ease and flexibility in setting utility tariffs, HOMER Grid release 1.9 enables energy professionals to complete more accurate cost and performance evaluations for a specific distributed energy project.

Today, microgrids increasingly include energy storage, making HOMER Grid’s newly enhanced cost detail for solar and energy storage projects critical for evaluating renewable energy systems’ technical and financial feasibility and potential performance. New cost categories include the module, installation, permitting, overhead, replacement, and land purchase and preparation. Users can also add information on taxes and create custom cost categories.

Additionally, users can create or edit custom utility tariffs directly in HOMER Grid’s advanced tariff builder interface – making it convenient and easy to adjust settings as utility rate structures evolve and enabling a more accurate assessment of utility costs in energy projects.

HOMER Grid’s 1.9 release also allows for a dedicated converter for battery storage, facilitating the modeling of standalone energy storage installations. The new release incorporates helpful ease-of-use features, including tooltips that can be filtered by utility rate settings, consolidated views of utility data, and a more streamlined organization of project tabs.

See a demonstration of the new features by registering for the Dec. 7, 2022, webinar, “HOMER Grid release 1.9: Mastering the power of detailed cost calculations and custom tariff modeling.”

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