Design and Feasibility Comparison of On- and Off-Grid Hybrid EV Charging Stations in India

The electrification of India’s transportation sector is critical if the country is to meet its climate goals. Professor Venkatesh Boddapati has been modeling EV charging stations that use renewable energy to find out the most optimal configurations. Don’t miss his presentation at the HOMER Energy by UL’s 9th annual HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International conference.

Navigating the Challenges of Grid Interconnection on the Island of Curaçao

Microgrid News spoke with Michael Ginsberg of Bowman Consulting to explore some of the challenges involved in connecting DER-powered facilities to the grid. Michael will discuss his experience with grid integration of renewable energy on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Join us to hear about his findings at HOMER Energy by UL’s 9th Annual HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International, during the Island Power: Renewables for Diesel-Powered Utilities session on October 14th at 8 am, MDT.

From Conventional Power Plants to Hybrid Power and Microgrids: An Interview with Dino Ablakovic, Siemens Energy

Fossil-based power plants are adding renewable energy resources, storage and hydrogen, and being reconfigured as microgrids or grid-tied hybrid power plants. One company working on that challenge is Siemens Energy. We spoke with Siemens Microgrid Product Manager Dino Ablakovic about his work and upcoming presentation for the 9th Annual HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International conference held on Oct. 12-14, 2021.

Flow Batteries: Technology Synergies Will Provide Grid Stabilization

Flow batteries are considered excellent choice for large-scale energy storage projects for a number of reasons, but primarily because they can cycle for multiple short periods daily, for about 30 years while maintaining an even performance. The Energy Superhub Oxford will install the UK’s first transmission-connected battery, a lithium-ion/vanadium flow battery, sited at National Grid’s Cowley Substation.

HOMER Conference Sponsorships are Available

Join us at the virtual 8th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference as a Sponsor! Taking place via online sessions October 12-16 and free to attendees, the HOMER conference will attract a broad range of participants involved in every aspect of the fast-growing microgrid industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your brand and your work in front of the world’s foremost microgrid and distributed energy experts:

Ace Natural, New York: Organic Food Wholesaler Builds Microgrid to Boost Resilience and Cut Utility Bills

An organic food distributor in the metro New York area recently installed a microgrid – designed by HOMER Grid – to improve their bottom line along with their resiliency. Ace Natural is saving more than half their utility costs by using renewable energy, while batteries and a generator powered by biodiesel ensure continuous operations if there’s a power outage:

How Distributed Energy Can Help Meet New Infrastructure Demands for Electric Vehicle Charging

The rapid expansion of the electric vehicle market is going to create two challenges for society: first, electrified transportation is going to increase our demand for electricity; second; in order to serve new EV owners, we will have to make rapid upgrades to our EV charging infrastructure. How will the transition to electrified transportation affect consumers, utilities and other stakeholders? We explore that question in light of the new HOMER Grid EV charging station design tool:

Electric Pressure Cookers and Microgrids Provide Hope in Solving the Intractable Global Problem of Biomass Cooking

Electric cooking training in a Tanzanian village Photo: Ansila Kweka

Indoor air pollution, mostly caused by cooking with wood and charcoal, causes millions of deaths each year in developing countries, mostly to women. Biomass cooking also depletes forests and adds to global warming. Now the combination of high efficiency electric pressure cookers (EPCs) powered by renewable energy mini-grids, are being tested in East Africa. The hope is that electric cooking can save lives as well as ecosystems:

EarthSpark Secures $10 million from the Green Climate Fund to build 22 microgrids in Haiti

EarthSpark International, a nonprofit focused on bringing energy access to Haiti’s rural poor, has just received $10 million dollars from the UN Green Climate Fund. EarthSpark will use the money to continue and expand its efforts to build high-quality microgrids that deliver renewable electricity to over 20 towns without any access to power. Renewable electricity will help consumers save more than 50 percent of what they currently spend on kerosene, charcoal and diesel fuel:

Earth Day 2020: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, when millions of Americans protested air and water pollution, pesticides and waste. That event prompted important actions that improved air and water quality. Now Earth Day is worldwide, and together we face the challenge of global warming. Renewable energy is progressing rapidly. Can we harness this technology to help mitigate climate change?