Webinar – Adding storage to your project: Is it as easy as you think?

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Hybrid power is the solution to today’s energy needs, but designing a system with multiple energy resources plus storage is far more complex than designing one powered by a single technology. The analytical difficulty is significantly increased by the challenges of energy storage’s degradation rate, coordination of multiple resources, and real-time charging and discharging storage decisions. Yet, risks must be analyzed and understood to manage them and get financing for the project.

Martin Yan, value engineering leader in GE Renewable Hybrids, will take an in-depth look at modeling wind plus solar plus energy storage through a benchmark comparison project of GE’s Hybrid Architect internal modeling tool and the HOMER software.

Peter Lilienthal, UL’s global microgrid lead and founder of HOMER Energy will outline the complexities of designing for multiple technologies, coupled with real-time dispatch decisions of charging and discharging batteries, and adapting for prices that can change quickly. He will demonstrate how an optimization tool provides the critical insights needed for informed decision-making.

You can see the full slide deck used during the webinar here.

HOMER software delivers industry-leading system simulations, optimization, sensitivity analysis and best-in-class storage models across three categories of hybrid systems: islanded microgrids, grid-connected distributed generation, and front-of-the-meter utility-scale storage and hybrid systems.

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  1. Thank you so much, last year conference was fruitful for me hopping to learn more this year.

    1. Thank you Emmanuel! I hope you were able to attend our virtual conference this year?

      All the best,
      Lili Francklyn

  2. Je travaille dans une organisation humanitaire comme ICT avec plus 15 ans d’expérience et notamment dans le domaine d’énergie renouvelable.

  3. HOMER software have been useful in various design and modeling projects I have encountered.

    1. Thanks so much, Sodessa. We’re looking forward to presenting the webinar on adding storage to your project and sharing GE’s experience as well as ours. We hope you’ll join us for the webinar.

  4. I have experience in solar project, but this webinar is good experience for me to know how to copier tow new surs of energy

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