Webinar: Electric Vehicle Charging is Coming to HOMER Grid

Take an inside look at the all new electric vehicle charging modeling tool coming to HOMER Grid. Product Manager Steffi Klawiter will demonstrate how to plan and design your distributed generation system to meet the increased energy demands of the fast approaching EV future.

Learn how you can use the HOMER Grid software to model an array of EV charging applications, including:

  • “on-demand” mode that charges your vehicle(s) as fast as possible
  • “smart,” deferrable mode where EV charging is optimized for the lowest impact on your utility bill

Electric vehicles are an important part of our energy future and HOMER Grid will help you model optimal renewable energy and storage systems to mitigate the utility costs of charging.

You can download the webinar slide deck as a PDF here if you are interested.

UL Solutions HOMER Grid is a market-leading solar-plus-storage software tool for designing grid-tied distributed energy systems. With an integrated utility tariff database and a new module for electric vehicle charging stations, it optimizes peak shaving to help commercial and industrial utility customers lower their demand charges. HOMER Grid can model projects with wind and combined heat and power as well as islanded systems, helping users improve their resiliency. Explore your opportunities with HOMER Grid during a complimentary trial. Learn more and download your complimentary trial.


  1. very informative video webinar but the speed of presentation is very fast. such type topic should be explain at least more then one lecture.

    1. Dear Mohd,
      Thank you for this suggestion. I will pass this suggestion along to our webinar team.

      All the best,
      Lili Francklyn

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