Webinar: Energy storage applications for C&I in the Americas

In these recent years, microgrids systems have emerged to supply sustainable energy. 

However, using an energy storage system allows several applications, such as peak shaving, load shifting, or genset integration. Solar + Storage microgrids become a must-have to increase solar penetration and reduce fuel consumption. 

An EMS such as Elum controllers is essential to increase the solar power plant’s reliability and efficiency as it integrates and manages the different power sources. 

In this webinar, Sinexcel and Elum Energy will present the latest control solutions for solar panels combined with battery energy storage (BESS). HOMER Energy, a company that produces microgrid modeling software to optimize and simplify microgrids, will bring his point of view by moderating this session. 

Panelists and Moderator:

Martí Gascon, an engineer by formation, is specialized in renewable energy. He studied at the Polytechnic School of Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France. He is now the Sales Manager LATAM, US & the Caribbean at Elum Energy. Expert on the microgrid market in the Americas and Caribbean, he will share his knowledge on the domain during this webinar.

Henry Cheung, Managing director at Sinexcel Inc., one of the founders of Sinexcel Energy Storage and Microgrid Solutions. He had been involved deeply in the development of the Modular ESS solutions Driven by Sinexcel ® and now is in charge of global business development. He will introduce the advantages of the solutions and services and typical cases for various applications in the C&I sector.

Dr. Peter Lilienthal, founder of HOMER Energy by UL will moderate the webinar. He developed of HOMER® software while at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). After founding HOMER Energy in 2009, Dr. Lilienthal introduced HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid, which set the standard for energy modeling. HOMER Energy was acquired by UL in 2019.