Webinar – Microgrids and Hybrid Power Everywhere: Optimizing the New Energy Wave

The landscape of decarbonization and the clean energy transition is changing rapidly due to improvements in battery technology, increasing penetrations of solar and wind, and growing recognition of the need for resiliency.  These developments are speeding the adoption of more complex hybrid power systems that include storage.

In twenty short years, hybrid systems have evolved from being only small microgrids serving remote villages to hybrid power systems at all scales. They are now used by utility customers to reduce demand charges and improve reliability and resilience, as well as use by the utility companies as they deploy projects with hundreds of MWs of capacity.  

Join HOMER software creator Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D., as he discusses key components of hybrid power systems, design considerations, and why techno-economic feasibility and decision analysis are critical for microgrid and hybrid power system design.  

Watch the full recording below or download the slide deck that was used for this presentation here.


Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D. 

Global Microgrid Lead, UL Renewables Presented by HOMER Energy by UL 

Supported by ComAp