HOMER Grid 1.10 new EV charging and tariff  features are now available

Electric vehicles are expected to sweep the nation, creating a critical need for businesses to consider EV charging infrastructure and calculate the potential revenue of adding EV charging.  

That’s one reason we’re super excited to roll out the new version 1.10 of HOMER Grid software, which includes a cutting-edge revenue calculator for EV charging stations, as well as new NEM 3.0 tariffs and the ability to import multiple solar and wind production data files.  

Here are the HOMER Grid 1.10 enhancements that will help you model the latest needs in microgrids and DERs even faster and easier. 

  1. Calculate EV charging revenue for your modeled EV charging station based on the user-defined charging price. This new feature joins HOMER Grid’s capability of modeling on-demand and deferrable EV charging. Simply enter the expected price and hit the results tab. HOMER Grid will provide a revenue forecast in seconds to help evaluate the profitability of EV charging stations and other infrastructure.  
  1. New NEM 3.0 California Net Energy Metering utility tariff was added to HOMER Grid’s extensive tariff database. Put in your project zip code, click ‘Get Tariffs’ and select NEM 3.0 from the comprehensive list. This tariff strengthens incentives for solar-plus-storage systems in California.  
  1. Import multiple solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind production data from your solar design tool, such as PVsyst or Helioscope. This enhancement makes it easier to provide and model data from each separate wind or PV array in the project. 

For current subscribers or to get a complimentary 21-day trial, click to get version 1.10.

UL Solutions HOMER Grid is a market-leading solar-plus-storage software tool for designing grid-tied distributed energy systems. With an integrated utility tariff database and a new module for electric vehicle charging stations, it optimizes peak shaving to help commercial and industrial utility customers lower their demand charges. HOMER Grid can model projects with wind and combined heat and power as well as islanded systems, helping users improve their resiliency. Explore your opportunities with HOMER Grid during a complimentary trial. Learn more and download your complimentary trial.