Solar Power World Reviews HOMER Grid

Software solutions such as HOMER Grid can help energy developers illustrate the value of storage and other renewable energy investments to their customers. That’s according to a recent article in Solar Power World which reviews the recently updated version of HOMER Grid as well as Energy Tool Base and other software options.

Aside from the challenge of calculating the financial feasibility of a hybrid renewable energy project including storage – and operating costs – HOMER Grid incorporates utility tariffs and allows users to model the potential impacts of future tariff changes. That, along with tools to model different system sizes and configurations, allows project developers to communicate better with their communicate with customers and team members, and ultimately sell more projects, says Solar Power World. See the original article at Solar Power World.

You can download and try full-featured versions of HOMER Grid.

You can also try our free online “Quick GRID” version HOMER QuickGrid. The Quick modeling options are simplified, but you will get useful reports that provide a good overview of the capabilities of HOMER Grid.