Welcoming Our New Industry Partner – Elum Energy

We are excited to announce Elum Energy as our latest HOMER Energy industry partner.

Elum Energy is an energy & automation company providing EOS™ technology,  integrated Energy Management Systems (ePowerControl) and SCADA platform (ePowerMonitor) for solar, storage and other distributed resources:

  1. ePowerControl controllers are turnkey, simple to commission, compatible with major equipment brands on the market and made for complex electrical hybrid and off-grid/grid-tied systems.
  2. ePowerMonitor platform allows both local & remote site supervision through secure equipment monitoring and control to get insight anywhere on portfolio status and KPIs.

Our solutions are tailored to Solar based power generation facilities coupled with diesel gensets and/or Energy storage. Power plants capacity ranges from 10 KW to 20 MW, and are typically installed on commercial and industrial buildings with poor-grid availability, or supplying an entire off-grid remote city and/or island.

ePowerControl helps EPCs & project developers to reduce their costs all along their hybrid project lifetime:

  1. System design: extended compatibility and flexibility of our solutions enable equipment brands combination to optimize power plant CAPEX.
  2. Commissioning: our controllers can be easily commissioned in record time with remote assistance from Elum Energy in any geography.
  3. Operations: local and remote monitoring/control of site operating parameters ensure maximum power plant performance over time.

Elum Energy technology has been installed in more than 15 countries ranging from America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Can you please explain how to find the ELUM module in Homer Pro ? I couldn’t find it in “Controller” selections

    1. Hi Rinaldi,
      Thank you for your question, I’ve replied separately via email, but we are clarifying our post on Elum, which is an industry partner, not a component partner. Therefore we won’t be integrating components in HOMER software from them, yet.

      Also I hope you might be interested in talking to us about a project you are working on in Indonesia. We are always interested in profiling the work of our customers in the Microgrid News. We encourage everyone to let us know if you are working on new microgrid construction or finished systems, whether they are for energy access, C&I customers, or other uses. These stories are shared with all of our readers around the world and on other websites. They can be great publicity for your companies!

      All the best,
      Lili Francklyn

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