HOMER Announcements

HOMER Energy Among Finalists for Prestigious Ashden Award

HOMER Energy is proud to be listed among 19 “long list” finalists for an “Ashden Award,” a UK prize rewarding organizations that contribute to the global sustainable energy transformation by introducing new technologies and business models. If awarded the prize, HOMER Energy would use it to expand training in developing countries.

HOMER Energy Releases New Software to Manage the Complexity of Designing Behind-the-Meter Systems and Reduce Demand Charges

HOMER Energy today announced its newest software product, HOMER Grid, a robust and powerful tool for optimizing the value of behind-the-meter, distributed generation systems while reducing demand charges. This important new product from HOMER Energy is a response to the rapidly growing solar-plus-storage market, and the rise in demand charges across the U.S. and other countries.

Microgrid Controller, Components Enhance SolarTAC’s New GridNXT Test Facility

On the HOMER InternationaI Microgrid Conference (HIMC2017) “bonus day,” HOMER Energy invited attendees to tour a number of microgrid-related facilities in the Denver area. I was lucky enough to attend all three tours along with microgrid industry professionals from around the world. The highlight for me was the last tour of the day, a visit to a solar testing facility near Denver International Airport.

Community Energized: Hartford, Connecticut, Powers Up Fuel Cell Microgrid

hartford fuel cell microgridA fuel cell microgrid that will generate clean energy, manage electricity costs and supply emergency power for public buildings and businesses in Hartford's Parkville neighborhood. (Graphic: Business Wire)

In Hartford, Connecticut, today, the City of Hartford, Constellation, and Bloom Energy announced the completion of a fuel cell microgrid in the city’s Parkville neighborhood. The project’s goals are to generate clean energy, reduce electricity costs and offer emergency backup power for businesses and public buildings.