HOMER QuickGrid – Get a Taste of HOMER Grid FREE

HOMER QuickGrid is a free online tool that calculates how much U.S. commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities can save on their electricity bills through the integration of distributed energy systems. HOMER Grid models solar+storage and other types of systems. It uses powerful optimization tools to compare different combinations of solar, batteries, and generators.

Just take a few minutes to put in your address (U.S. only for QuickGrid but the full HOMER Grid software allows the modeling of tariffs from other countries). HOMER QuickGrid will identify your utility – then tell us what kind of tariff you pay and what sort of buildings you’re modeling. QuickGrid will send you a report that ranks different system configurations, their payback time and savings opportunities.

We’ve just made a few updates to it, so we hope you’ll check it out.


    1. Aziz,
      Merci pour votre commentaire. Vous venez du Maroc?

      Si vous voulez utiliser HOMER Grid il y a une période d’essai pendant trois semaines. Ca sera beaucoup plus mieux que HOMER QuickGrid, parce-que vous auriez le logiciel complet.
      Vous pouvez le téléchargez ici:

      Veuillez croire à mes sincères salutations,
      Lili Francklyn

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