Alison Mason

PR-Grid II, January 28-29, 2019, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Join leading Puerto Rico stakeholders at the 2nd Puerto Rico Grid Revitalization & Investment Forum (PR-GRID II) on January 28th – 29th in San Juan. Co-hosted by New Energy Events and the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA), PR-GRID II is convened as a marketplace for commercial, industrial, and municipal customers to meet and transact with developers and financiers of microgrids, mini-grids, solar, and storage. What: PR GRID II Dates: January 28-29, 2019 Location: […]

HOMER Energy Explores Microgrid and Renewable Energy Solutions for Puerto Rico

Close to three months after Hurricane Maria swept across Puerto Rico, utterly destroying the island’s electrical grid – as well as countless homes and communities –  much of the island is still without power. And, where power has been restored, it is often unreliable. Puerto Rico’s aging electrical grid was already in bad shape, but a direct hit from Category 4 storm Maria dealt a catastrophic blow to the infrastructure of the Puerto […]