HOMER Grid: Now Comes with Two Free Hours of Premium Support

We now have a new offer included with a purchase of HOMER Grid.

Commercial HOMER Grid licenses (i.e. not academic or student licenses) purchased after September 4, 2018 now include two hours of Premium Support

Premium Support gives you direct access to the design expertise of HOMER engineers. We can help you evaluate projects and get the best possible HOMER outcomes. We can review your files and help you verify your results. We can help create custom tariffs. We can assist you with more things, and much more quickly, than with our Basic Bupport.

HOMER Grid lets you understand the possibilities of thousands of systems before you invest a penny, and helps you manage the complexity that goes into distributed energy resource decisions, whether it’s solar-plus-storage, CHP, generators, or something else.

  • Determine the best mix of resources for the least-cost solution
  • Calculate the value of demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, and self-consumption
  • Design a system with the best rate of return
  • Easily create simple or complex utility tariffs for any country in the world
  • Model with thousands of library components – including solar PV, storage, wind, CHP, and backup generators – so you can easily build a system to meet your needs

Get started with a free, 21-day trial of HOMER Grid

The fine print: This offer is valid only on HOMER Grid licenses ordered after Sep 3, 2018, and is not retroactive to earlier sales under our “Launch special” pricing. It does not apply to student or academic licenses. Additional hours of premium support begin at $150/hour. See our Premium Support Websitefor more information.