PG&E and BoxPower Mitigate Wildfire Risk with Remote Hybrid Power Systems

Rather than rebuild distribution lines damaged by fire, PG&E is working with BoxPower to install a renewables-based microgrid to provide clean, resilient power for customers in Briceburg, California. The solar + storage system is the first of 20 proposed for development through PG&E’s new Remote Grid Initiative.

Nigerian Minigrid Reveals Transformative Power of Access to Clean Energy

The 15 kWp solar array completed for the project’s first phase | All images courtesy of Ashipa Electric

When Ashipa Electric installed a solar + storage-based mini-grid in an agrarian community in Nigeria, team leaders expected the system to lower power costs and reduce carbon emissions. But by offering residents access to clean, cost-effective energy, the hybrid system also revitalized the economy, elevated quality of life, and produced environmental benefits beyond all expectations.

Looking to the Past to Predict the Future of Microgrid Markets

By studying historic drivers and evaluating current market indicators, Wood Mackenzie researcher Isaac Maze-Rothstein has gathered key insights related to microgrid markets in both the US and Kenya. He and colleague Benjamin Attia have mapped out an overview of what the future may look like for these markets. They will present their findings at the 8th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference on October 12.

Foundational Support: Vallecito Energy Storage Resilience Project Lays the Groundwork for a Larger Renewables-Based System

An exciting energy storage installation in the Goleta Load Pocket, a highly vulnerable 70-mile transmission area in Southern California, will provide resilience in the form of 40 MWh of utility-scale energy storage. The Vallecito Energy Storage Resilience project will not only provide an energy storage foundation for a future community microgrid, but it lays the groundwork for a more resilient energy network in a region hard-hit by natural disasters.

HOMER Training: The Roadmap to Better System Modeling and a Sustainable Future

HOMER Energy by UL’s educational curriculum covers all of the essential skills needed to analyze distributed generation and microgrid projects and get the most out of the software. Senior Engineer, Head of Professional Services, and Lead Trainer Aleph Baumbach and his team tailor sessions to address each audience’s needs and support individual projects with hands-on training. Baumbach’s enthusiasm for developing a better path to sustainability is infectious.

Mind the (Charging) Gap: Electric truck fleets are set to expand exponentially. But not without robust charging infrastructure.

Analysts forecast a dramatic rise in the number of e-trucks on the road by 2025, which can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support air quality goals. But addressing the question of how to meet the high energy demand and infrastructure needs of e-trucking fleets is critical. On-site, renewable generation offers a solution.