Founder’s Message – October 2021

Our annual conference is the most exciting time of the year for me and the entire HOMER staff. We get to hear from hybrid energy practitioners around the world about the huge variety of applications and challenges associated with pioneering new clean power systems. In this newsletter we feature two of our conference presenters and training opportunities associated with the conference.

Design and Feasibility Comparison of On- and Off-Grid Hybrid EV Charging Stations in India

The electrification of India’s transportation sector is critical if the country is to meet its climate goals. Professor Venkatesh Boddapati has been modeling EV charging stations that use renewable energy to find out the most optimal configurations. Don’t miss his presentation at the HOMER Energy by UL’s 9th annual HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International conference.

Navigating the Challenges of Grid Interconnection on the Island of Curaçao

Microgrid News spoke with Michael Ginsberg of Bowman Consulting to explore some of the challenges involved in connecting DER-powered facilities to the grid. Michael will discuss his experience with grid integration of renewable energy on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Join us to hear about his findings at HOMER Energy by UL’s 9th Annual HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International, during the Island Power: Renewables for Diesel-Powered Utilities session on October 14th at 8 am, MDT.

From Conventional Power Plants to Hybrid Power and Microgrids: An Interview with Dino Ablakovic, Siemens Energy

Fossil-based power plants are adding renewable energy resources, storage and hydrogen, and being reconfigured as microgrids or grid-tied hybrid power plants. One company working on that challenge is Siemens Energy. We spoke with Siemens Microgrid Product Manager Dino Ablakovic about his work and upcoming presentation for the 9th Annual HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power International conference held on Oct. 12-14, 2021.

Solar for Healthcare Webinar

14 months ago, many spotlights were turned towards the African healthcare sector and its terrible lack of electrification. This webinar on August 18th intends to highlight several initiatives and solutions which can significantly improve the access to electricity for the healthcare sector in Africa and deserve a lot more attention.

Message from the Founder

This month’s newsletter features articles that highlight the expanding applications for hybrid power systems. Our article on Kilowatts for Humanities solar kiosks in Zambia is one example of the use of microgrids to provide electricity in remote areas.

KiloWatts for Humanity Builds Solar Kiosks in Zambia – Modeled by UL’s HOMER Pro

solar kiosk lit up at duskSolar kiosk at sunset. (c) Chikuni Radio. Courtesy Kilowatts for Humanity.

Kilowatts for Humanity (KWH) dedicates itself to bringing economic and social benefits to remote Zambian villages — as well as outlying communities in other developing countries — via rural electrification projects. Most of these projects consist of solar kiosks.

Solar Carports: Efficient Use of Space and Storage Integration Brings RE Benefits

solar carport at an office building

During prolonged power outages, this Greeley, Colorado car dealership remained operational. The resilience is due to the renewable grid-tied solar plus storage hybrid power system installed at Ehrlich Toyota — a 368 kW custom solar carport and 228 kWh battery and controls system designed and built by IPOWER Alliance and L4 Construction and modeled by Ageto Energy. Read the story for details.

Welcoming Our New Industry Member — Think Microgrid

We are excited to announce Think Microgrid as our latest HOMER Energy by UL industry member. Think Microgrid is a new coalition formed to help pave the way to the clean energy transition in the U.S. The alliance, which includes more than a dozen leading companies in the microgrid field, represents the industry at the state and federal levels. The organization provides a united voice to support the exploding microgrid sector in critical policy, legislative and regulatory discussions.

2020 Proves Exceptional for Renewable Energy, and Outlook Shines for 2021-22

Wind Turbine sin sunset, china.

With its mission of advancing energy security, tracking clean energy growth, collecting information and offering training worldwide, the International Energy Agency (IEA)organization released its Renewable Energy Market Update 2021 (IEA [2021], Renewable Energy Market Update 2021, IEA, Paris) last month. The report highlighted global progress in renewable energy last year and made data-based predictions for this year and next.

Message from the Founder

The June 2021 issue of the Microgrid News newsletter highlights the evolution of the microgrid market. When HOMER Software was created, the focus was primarily on developing country applications like the Nigerian installation described in “Energy Access Brings Improved Quality of Life and Boosts Local Economies.” This is still a critical market, but no longer the only one.

Energy Access Brings Improved Quality of Life and Boosts Local Economies

rooftop solar on school deer lake canadaImage courtesy of Canadian Solar

Millions of people live in communities with no access to basic electricity. Instead, they fuel cooking, heating and lighting with polluting and unhealthy fuel sources like diesel generators, biomass fuel and trees. For these reasons, electrification is a critical goal. But what impact does it have? Join us in this look at the impact of microgrids on two communities

Challenges and Opportunities in Building a Wind Service Organization Today

As renewable energy moves more and more into the spot, wind turbines are also moving into the spotlight. The Texas freeze of 2021 showcased the fact that prior to the freeze, one third of all US wind turbines needed servicing. The number is now higher with many requiring complete overhauls and repairs. Add the fact that there is a shortage of service technicians in the US to handle even a small portion of the demand and you get the perfect storm for great opportunities. Join HOMER Energy by UL Founder, Dr. Peter Lilienthal, alongside other energy experts on June 17th, 2021 at 2 PM EDT for this exclusive webinar.

PG&E Community Microgrid Enablement Program Helps Communities Keep the Lights on During Emergencies

California gas and electric utility provider Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is taking a proactive step forward in the move to grid resiliency. In April, as a California Congressman introduced the House MICROGRID act, the utility announced the PG&E Community Microgrid Enablement Program (CMEP), its project for permanent, multi-customer microgrids. These microgrids will focus on “disadvantaged” areas and critical facilities.