Founder’s Message – October 2021

Our annual conference is the most exciting time of the year for me and the entire HOMER staff. We get to hear from hybrid energy practitioners around the world about the huge variety of applications and challenges associated with pioneering new clean power systems.

One strong example is the presentation we will hear from Michael Ginsberg about his project in Curaçao, which is featured in our article Navigating the Challenges of Grid Interconnection on the Island of Curaçao. Islands like Curaçao are a very promising opportunity due to their reliance on liquid fossil fuels, but they also represent unique challenges that Mike will discuss.

Then, we go across the globe for a presentation by Venkatesh Boddapati about his Design and Feasibility Comparison of On- and Off-Grid Hybrid EV Charging Stations in India. India has set aggressive emissions reduction goals. Venkatesh, an electrical engineering professor at B.M.S. College of Engineering in Bangalore (Bengaluru), says the country will need to increase electric vehicle (EV) use dramatically to succeed, which will require an increase in EV charging stations.

In addition to an entire session on island systems, we have sessions on:

  • Off-grid systems
  • Front-of-the-meter utility-scale systems
  • Behind-the-meter commercial & industrial systems
  • Innovative technologies
  • Market assessments

The following week we are also conducting training workshops on our software.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and even more hope you join us for the informative conference and training sessions over the next two weeks.

Dr. Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D.
Global Microgrid Lead, UL Renewables
Founder, HOMER Energy by UL