Welcoming Our New Industry Member — Think Microgrid

We are excited to announce Think Microgrid as our latest HOMER Energy by UL industry member. 

Think Microgrid is a new coalition formed to help pave the way to the clean energy transition in the U.S. The alliance, which includes more than a dozen leading companies in the microgrid field, represents the industry at the state and federal levels. The organization provides a united voice to support the exploding microgrid sector in critical policy, legislative and regulatory discussions. 

Think Microgrid also provides an educational resource for policymakers and regulators working to ensure electric reliability, achieve clean energy goals, and keep power costs in check. 

“Microgrids are an essential technology in an era of wildfires, severe freezes, hurricanes, derechos, and other climate disruptions that increasingly demonstrate the vulnerability of our electric grid,” said Cameron Brooks, executive director of Think Microgrid.  

“Most states, however, have not determined how they will incorporate microgrids into the physical grid and the market design. Meanwhile, Congress is beginning to define the role of microgrids in infrastructure improvements and climate policy. Think Microgrid intends to help drive these efforts forward, leveraging the deep knowledge and experience of our founding companies.” 

Think Microgrid’s founding members include: 

  • Ameresco 
  • Bloom Energy 
  • CleanSpark 
  • Compass Energy Platform 
  • Concord Engineering Group 
  • DCO Energy 
  • Eaton 
  • Enchanted Rock 
  • HOMER Energy by UL 
  • Power Secure 
  • PxiSE Energy Solutions 
  • Schneider Electric 

As distributed generation paves the way to a clean and resilient energy future, our policymakers need to be better informed as they set a new energy framework for success,” said Peter Lilienthal, founder of HOMER Energy by UL, a Think Microgrid member. 

This is a critical time to focus on microgrid policy and the transformative impact microgrids can have on society,” agreed Mike Bakas, executive vice president at Ameresco, another Think Microgrid founding member. “We are already seeing the early impact of an administrative focus on climate change mitigation, and our goal is to pave the way for well-defined microgrid policies as a critical component to resiliency, sustainability, and cost savings. The time to act is now.” 

For more information about Think Microgrid, visit www.thinkmicrogrid.org or contact executive director Cameron Brooks at (303) 957-7667 or 


  1. Congratulations with having created Think Microgrids. I want to encourage you also to look abroad as huge opportunities are awaiting coordination and streamlined.

    1. Thank you, Henning. We are proud to be a founding member of this organization. Its time has certainly come in the U.S. We agree the opportunities for renewable energy are growing worldwide.

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