Marilyn Walker

What happens to my HOMER trial if my computer crashes?

A user wrote on an anonymous survey: “On the whole, it was a great experience. The graphical user interface was great, the setup size was really little compare to other similar applications. But …when I repaired my Os I had to reinstall the program, and in no way I could use the rest of my trial. I actually used about 20 days of my 30 days of trial. On the whole it was […]

Your HOMER Microgrid Software Questions Answered

In this weekly column, we answer some of the questions about the HOMER microgrid software that come in through our user surveys and support sites. We always encourage you to reach out to us at if you have questions. You can download the latest version of HOMER Pro and use it at no cost for 30 days. Your trial includes free training materials, so what are you waiting for? Download HOMER Pro […]

Can I get another free trial of HOMER Pro?

Is it possible to get another free trial? How many times can I get the free trial before I purchase HOMER Pro. Thank you. First, we hope you understand that the free trial period is intended for you to evaluate HOMER and see if it meets your needs. It is not intended to be a “free forever” workaround. If you have a very small project, and don’t need HOMER long term, we have […]

Watch the Introducing HOMER Optimizer Webinar

HOMER Optimizer might not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at HOMER Energy we think it’s the most important update we’ve ever given to HOMER. Join Jonathan Awerbuch, HOMER Pro developer, John Glassmire, HOMER Pro trainer, and HOMER Energy CEO Peter Lilienthal for a free webinar introducing the optimizer and how to use it to make your HOMER modeling go even faster. Click below to watch the video (51 minutes, including a […]

HOMER and International Markets

It is too customised for the AMERICAN MARKET.  I would like to see it customised for the international market. For example in countries where there is no interest.    Well, actually… HOMER was originally created for energy access in developing countries, and we think that is still its main strength. HOMER was first and foremost a tool for remote power. So while we are an American firm, about 75% of our users are […]

HOMER Forms Partnership with Microgrid Systems Laboratory

HOMER Energy joined forces with the newly-formed Microgrid Systems Laboratory of Santa Fe, New Mexico, this week, with the mutual goal of promoting the use of microgrids to improve electricity delivery and sustainability as well as to work together on educational programs on microgrids. The Microgrid Systems Laboratory is a collaborative effort to speed the transition to a more resilient, sustainable, and accessible electricity system. The Microgrid Systems Lab is structured as three […]

Remote Area Power Supply Conference, Melbourne, Australia, March 22-23 2016

The 3rd Annual Remote Area Power Supply Conference will be held on the 22-23 March 2016 in Melbourne. The event will look at reducing the cost of off-grid energy and increasing supply security. This specialised industry forum provides a meeting place for industry stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences on traditional, hybrid and innovative power solutions in remote areas. The growing demand for electricity in off-grid and regional areas in Australia provides great […]

From Skipping Edison to the New Kale, Microgrids are Grabbing the ENTIRE World’s Attention

Earth as a microgrid from Microgrid News

Microgrid News has following, summarizing, and commenting on the microgrid market and related news for over four years – almost before anyone could spell m-i-c-r-o-g-r-i-d. And the task has suddenly become – difficult! Because instead of counting the number of pieces about microgrids (and stretching the definition) in a month on one hand, suddenly there are multiple pieces each day. One of my personal favorites is from this wrap-up article on New York’s […]

Duke Energy to put Aquion batteries to the test in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Duke Energy has started testing a first-of-its-kind battery technology at its Rankin Substation in Gaston County, N.C. The hybrid ultracapacitor-battery energy storage system (HESS) will demonstrate multiple service applications: extended operational life, rapid response, real-time solar smoothing and load shifting. “This approach will allow our energy storage systems to do a variety of tasks,” said Thomas Golden, technology development manager for Duke Energy. “With so many solar […]