HOMER Software Training Institute Held

The first HOMER Software Training Institute was held at HOMER Energy headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, on June 13 and 14, 2013. The first day focused on the basic principles of hybrid renewable microgrids using HOMER Explorer, and the second day explored advanced topics with HOMER 2.

HOMER, or Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources, is an internationally-acclaimed model for creating economically optimized microgrids. HOMER is available for download from HOMER Energy, who holds the global rights to its distribution and upkeep. HOMER was originally created at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. HOMER’s creator, Dr. Peter Lilienthal, took it private in 2009 in order to have more freedom to develop the popular model, which has been downloaded by over 92,000 as of this writing.

The institute was one of several ways that users and interested parties can obtain HOMER software training. Online courses are offered twice each month, and private trainings can be arranged either virtually or at a location. The HOMER Training Institute was the first time that HOMER training has been offered by HOMER Energy in a classroom setting.

Participants enjoyed the small, informal format and the ability to learn from the problems other students were exploring.

HOMER Energy hopes to grow the institute program in the coming year, as HOMER usage continues to grow. We are looking for other locations in which to hold future institutes. Coop programs are available that can defray costs or even provide your staff with free training.

Please email us if you have an interest in hosting an institute.