Major Update to HOMER Pro Microgrid Modeling Software Coming

HOMER Energy plans to release the first major update to their flagship product, HOMER Pro, on January 20, 2015. HOMER, which stands for Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources, is the global standard for microgrid modeling software, particularly for the design and analysis of energy systems. HOMER is in use throughout the world, and over 110,000 people from every corner of the world have downloaded HOMER at some point.

The new update, HOMER Pro 3.1, replaces version 3.0, first released in October, 2015. Version 3.1 of HOMER Pro includes major performance and usability upgrades, adds significant graphing capability, and adds the ability to create your own battery or wind turbine, among many other new features and capabilities. HOMER Pro already has add-on modules available for run-of-river hydro, biomass, advanced load, and combined heat and power. Version 3.1 adds modules for hydrogen and hydrokinetic systems and more advanced capabilities to model grid-connected systems, including the ability to schedule outages and to model complex rate structures, including real-time rates.

HOMER Pro 3.1 also allows users more control over their environment. Third-party ads can be switched on or off, and modules can be either on or off. HOMER Pro also offers new licensing options for enterprise and classroom versions. HOMER is quickly becoming a standard for university-level curricula focusing on renewable energy and system design.

Two new wind turbine manufacturers are represented in HOMER Pro 3.1 Microgrid Modeling Software – Xant and Ennera – as well as the existing component manufacturers Innovus generators, Northern Power, BWC, Norvento, Bergey, and Vergnet wind turbines, Trojan, ZBB, Gildemeister CellCube, and Discover Energy batteries, Beacon and ABB (Powercorp) flywheels, and Smart Hydro hydrokinetic turbine.

One consequence of the release will be the end of “launch special” pricing on HOMER Pro. Once the release is made, the cost of the base product will increase to $500 for a 1-year license. Users may take advantage of the launch pricing through the end of Monday, January 19th, and then update to version 3.1 for no additional cost.

All new users are eligible for a fully-functional, 2-week HOMER Pro trial, at no cost. HOMER Pro can be downloaded from .

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