Webinar: Batteries and the Grid, What’s all the fuss? Costing and modeling approaches with HOMER

This free webinar featured HOMER Energy CEO Dr. Peter Lilienthal joined by Rocky Mountain Institute Senior Associates Bodhi Rader and Devi Glick. The webinar reviewed the implications of the recent RMI/HOMER Energy report: The Economics of Load Defection:How grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems will compete with traditional electric service, why it matters, and possible paths forward. (CLICK HERE to download the Executive Summary or complete report)

The participants discussed the analyses that were done to produce the report, some considerload-defectionations for understanding battery costs, and some of the tricks for using HOMER Pro, the newest version of the software, to model storage and to understand batteries and the grid.

The HOMER files used in the report are available here. Access requires joining the free HOMER online user group, and then the workgroup “Economics of Load Defection”.

To try HOMER Pro free, get our 21-day free trial.



    1. Sorry you can’t see the form – it’s from an embedded link and might be slow to load for you. We’ll post the link to watch the webinar within a week after it’s over, right here.

    1. Yes, it will be rebroadcast. The best way to get notified about this is to sign up, so that we know your interest. The rebroadcast will also be announced in our May newsletter.

  1. I won’ t be able to take part in the live session but I hope that it will later be available online?

    Best wishes
    Mike Slavin
    RX Power Rye Ltd (UK)

    1. Yes, it will be available here as a video. It might take as long as a week, but we’ll get it done as fast as we can.

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