Can Boulder own its own power? Lots happening in distributed generation today

As the distributed generation field expands, there is more news than this editor can handle in one day!

Today’s #1 story relates to our home town of Boulder, Colorado, where the franchise agreement with Xcel Energy is coming to an end. This evergreen “woo woo” town is looking hard at options that would leave Xcel out of the picture.

Boulder Can Own Its Power With Distributed Generation

Bill Gates may be somewhat off track with his idea that home systems are “cute” (and somewhat on track, too…), but we’re glad to see that someone with his stature and money are looking seriously at the importance of renewable energy. There is a solution that falls between the cracks of cute home systems and mega solar gardens in the desert, though, and that’s distributed generation. Much more stable than single-source solar or wind that are sensitive to local conditions.

Gates puts energy into climate change solutions

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