Shift to renewable energy driven by economics

Investment and success with renewable energy will be driven, ultimately, by economics. Today’s stories focus strongly in the arena of value, as we shift from a fossil-fuel dominated world to one dominated by clean renewables. Solar home systems have been mostly driven by personal philosophy and incentives. However new research indicates that solar systems add significant value to a home.

But home systems are not nearly enough. Investments in transmission are needed to harvest wind. Smart grid spending needs to include distributed generation and renewable energy. And it’s  a small start (with tiny amounts of inventory), but it’s good to see auto manufacturers producing pluggable hybrids even in the “mongo truck” category, as Chrysler announces that it’s RAM trucks will now be available as hybrids.

Today’s top stories about microgrids, distributed generation, smart grids, pluggable hybrid cars, and more:

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Which comes first: Smart-grid chicken or e-car egg?




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