2018 CARILEC Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Conference – Sept 23-27, 2018

2018 CARILEC Renewable Energy & Smart Grid Conference2018 Renewable Energy and Smart Grid (ICT) Conference being held under the theme: “Energy Resilience and Independence”, will gather researchers, thought leaders, utility and energy professionals and vendors and provide them with a unique platform to delve deeply into renewable energy and resilience from both a global and a regional perspective.

This conference is being strategically aligned with our CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC) platform current initiative to drive more knowledge, sharing and collaboration in the region’s energy sphere.

Event: 2018 CARILEC Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Conference
Dates: September 23-27, 2018
Location:Miami, Hilton Miami Downtown
Details: HOMER Energy will be doing a :30 minute presentation on “Understanding Trade-offs When Adding Renewables and Storage to an Island Utility Grid” as well as a four-hour workshop on designing resilient microgrids for Caribbean islands.

Workshop Details:

Where the Customer and the Utility Meet: Integrating Renewables in Island Grids with the HOMER Software

Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Date: Thu Sep 27, 2018

Course Overview:

Renewable energy, and in particular solar, is an important piece of island nations’ plans to reduce and stabilize electricity prices, as well as critical for meeting national goals for resiliency. However, utilities tasked with implementing these goals are confronted with unique technical and economic challenges for installing renewable energy and batteries in their grids. At the same time, on the other-side of the customer meter, utility customers are installing renewable technologies and creating further challenges for traditional utility models.

In this interactive course, we will explore how technical constraints and economic limits affect island grid generation choices. We will provide participants with tools to evaluate the impacts of renewable energy and storage technologies on island utility grids. By the end of the course, we will have explored tools for understanding and communicating the impacts of renewable energy and storage for island utility systems to reduce costs and improve resiliency. We will also briefly explore the potential for customers in an island utility grid to use distributed energy resource (DER) for behind-the-meter resiliency and cost-savings.

This interactive course will use the HOMER software suite to explore the design, benefits, and challenges of these systems. It will familiarize you with the HOMER software’s proven simulation-optimization-sensitivity analysis paradigm to allow you to get familiar with the use of solar and storage in island utility grids.

The course is suitable for people who want to gain practical, hands-on experience designing those systems, as well as those who simply wish to become more knowledgeable on the benefits and challenges of renewable technologies in islands. If you wish to participate hands-on, a copy of the HOMER software suite will be provided for you to use on your own Windows-compatible laptop.

Course objectives

Participants will:

  • Learn techniques for modeling electricity supply options in island settings
  • Simulate a basic island grid powered by diesel
    quantify the impact of solar photovoltaics, and optimize the size based on technical constraints and economic benefits.
  • Model the benefits of storage for fuel efficiency, reserve support, and renewable integration
  • Explore different options for dispatching diesel generators with renewables and storage
  • Evaluate the impact of changing fuel prices and equipment costs on solar and storage in an island grid
  • Understand how customer-sited distributed generation and storage would interact with a utility grid
  • Explore the impact of tariffs and regulations on customer DER choice
  • Learn new tools to rapidly assess island energy options, with a focus on the HOMER software suite

Registration Cost- $100


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Instructor: John GlassmireDirector of Energy Engineering at HOMER Energy


    1. Hi Duncan,
      You can absolutely get the software from our website without going to the conference. Please visit: https://www.homerenergy.com/products/index.html and there you will have choices between downloading trials or purchasing HOMER Pro or HOMER Grid. HOMER Pro is more for off-grid applications and HOMER Grid more for grid-tied although they can both do off-grid or grid-tied in a model. There are also links on that page to use the free online versions of each one where you can run a simple simulation and get a sense of how they work. To get a *real* sense however, I recommend downloading the free three week trial of the software you are interested in. For any questions – especially if you want to know more about which product is more suitable for your needs – please contact us at .
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