HOMER Energy Releases New Software Updates to Help Users Make Intelligent Energy Storage Decisions for Off-Grid Systems


New features for industry-standard HOMER Pro help users more easily model off-grid systems around the world.

Boulder, Colorado, August 30, 2018 – HOMER Energy has announced important updates to its industry-leading microgrid modeling software, HOMER Pro, which allow users to model hybrid systems more quickly and easily. With the release of version 3.12, HOMER Pro now includes thousands of sample loads representing most of the world’s climate zones and load types, and an innovative Predictive Dispatch algorithm that takes into account future load and weather data.

By adding representative loads for various climates and building types, these updates provide instant access to sample electric load data, a critical part of hybrid system feasibility analysis and design. Reflecting the growing microgrid market around the world, these updates also include increased access to load data outside the United States. Additionally, HOMER Pro’s new Predictive Dispatch algorithm looks ahead to understand how much electricity will be required in the next 48-hours and what the weather will be like. HOMER Pro can then control the batteries and generators in the most economic way possible.

“HOMER Pro’s new features will help improve microgrid design in sectors ranging from village power to military bases”, said Dr. Peter Lilienthal, Founder and CEO of HOMER Energy. “These updates will help bring stable, renewable energy to more corners of the world through better understanding of microgrid design options.”

HOMER Pro version 3.12 also includes features that save time by making it easier to import data, as well as improvements to HOMER Pro’s reporting tools.

HOMER Pro allows users to easily model and compare the economics of hundreds or thousands of potential small-scale hybrid renewable power system configurations. As the global standard for optimizing microgrid design in all sectors, HOMER Pro drives informed decision making, so that distributed power systems can be developed with confidence.

About HOMER Energy

Founded in 2009 by Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D., and Marilyn Walker, Ph.D., Boulder, Colorado-based HOMER Energy is the developer and distributor of the HOMER software, including HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid. With over 200,000 users in more than 190 countries, HOMER is the global standard for microgrid and distributed energy resource (DER) decision analysis and feasibility studies. HOMER Energy provides software, training, and consulting services that identify how to build cost-effective and reliable power systems that combine conventional and renewable power, storage, and load management. Its mission of “Clean Power Everywhere” embodies the company’s goal to be the foremost provider of solutions for clean, affordable energy worldwide.  Learn more at www.homerenergy.com or call 720-565-4046. Follow us on Twitter @HOMEREnergy, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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