VII Annual Workshop Cubafotovoltaica

HOMER Energy Support Manager Aleph Baumbach will be making a  presentation at Cuba’s VII International Workshop Cubafotovoltaica. The workshop will be held from December 5-8, and is hosted by The Institute of Science and Technology of Materials in the Faculty of Physics at the University of Havana. Located in the Vedado district of Havana, Cubafotovoltaica will explore such topics as management of PV in the electrical grid; integration, penetration and storage; PV hybrid microgrids; and energy storage plus PV. Attendees will also be discussing PV materials science, PV in tropical climates, and PV policy and applications.

Workshop Details

Attending: Alef Baumbauch, HOMER Energy Support Manager
Dates: December 5-8
Location: Havana, Cuba


Cuba is looking forward to a major expansion of renewables to take advantage of their abundant solar resources, says Alef. They’re looking at all aspects of photovoltaics.