POWER-GEN International Workshop to feature HOMER Energy VP Business Development

HOMER Energy VP of Business Development Andy Kruse will be giving a presentation on the role and importance of diesel generators in the growth of the microgrid market at POWER-GEN. The POWER-GEN International Conference will cover multiple forms of generation broken up into multiple tracks featuring 300 expert speakers.  Other session tracks that might be of interest to HOMER Pro users include Gas Turbine Technologies, Energy Storage, Emissions Control, Power Project Financing, Utility Scale Renewable Power, and Distributed Renewable Power. The event features an exhibition of over 1,000 companies, and conference organizers are anticipating 20,000 attendees.

Event Details: POWER-GEN International
Attending: Andy Kruse, HOMER Energy VP of Business Development
Dates: December 5-7, 2017
Location: Las Vegas, NV. Las Vegas Convention Center | North and Central Halls.
Registration:  http://ww2.homerenergy.com/POWER-GEN

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