Optional 3rd Day of HIMC2017 Provides Intensive HOMER Pro Training

HOMER Pro trainingOn Wednesday, September 20, 2017, The HOMER International Microgrid Conference (HIMC2017) offers optional all-day HOMER Pro® training. Participants new to HOMER Pro, or who wish to take their understanding of HOMER Pro to a new level, can participate in a full day of training by HOMER Energy’s training staff. There are two tracks to choose from:

Foundations of HOMER Pro will familiarize participants with HOMER Pro’s user interface and the simulation-optimization-sensitivity analysis paradigm to allow them to begin using HOMER Pro independently for small systems. By the end of the course, participants will have simulated a diesel generator system with and without batteries for an isolated off-grid application, optimized the system design by adding solar panels, explored the sensitivity of the optimal system design to interest rate and diesel fuel cost assumptions, and explored the implications of 100% renewable systems. Users will also design distributed solar+storage systems interconnected with a utility grid. Attendees will learn how to analyze these systems and gain tools for communicating their findings with others.

Advanced HOMER Pro Topics is a series of four 1.5 hour sessions, each on a different advanced topic. The specific advanced courses will include:

(1) modeling larger systems with multiple diesels,
(2) thermal loads, combined heat and power,
(3) advanced grid modeling techniques, and
(4) advanced wind, solar, and custom renewable component modeling.

If you have an advanced topic you would like to see covered that is not on this list, please ">email us and let us know.

Requirements: Trainees must bring a Windows laptop with the most recent version of HOMER Pro installed. Course participants who do not own a HOMER Pro license will be provided with a training license. Free trial licenses will also be sufficient for the training. There is a $500 fee for the training day, which includes lunch and a full series of breaks.

To register for this optional HIMC2017 HOMER Pro training opportunity, please visit the conference registration page and choose Advanced HOMER Training. You can find more information about the conference agenda here.