Upcoming Webinar Answers Your Questions About HOMER Pro Economics

homer pro economicsHow does HOMER Pro®’s economic analysis help my organization? Whether you’re a current HOMER Pro user or considering the software, join us for this webinar with HOMER Energy Founder and CEO Peter Lilienthal and get an answer to this question, as well as specifics on questions like:

Why does economics play such a central role in HOMER Pro?

What would optimization mean without economics?

Why should I understand tradeoffs, diminishing returns, and curtailments?

Why track component lifetime and replacements costs?

More questions? John Glassmire, director of energy engineering, will lead a Q&A session after the webinar, in which Lilienthal demonstrates the economic principles behind HOMER Pro using both on- and off-grid examples. You will learn all about comparing economic functions, the need for a base-case, defining IRR, ROI, simple payback, and discount payback, the difference between sorting on NPC and IRR, minimizing costs vs. maximizing profits, and financial analysis.

We will have two sessions for the webinar. Register for Thursday, August 24, at 6:00 pm MDT or Tuesday, August 29, at 8:00 am MDT.