MGN Weekly: Taking Suburbia Off Grid, Myanmar Microgrids, and More News from HOMER Energy — May 12, 2017

Weekly Microgrid News — May 12, 2017

myanmar microgrids

Off-grid Projects to Jump-start Rural Electrification

Eight pilot projects for small-scale off-grid power supply in Myanmar will be implemented in selected villages during the coming year, the Myanmar government announced. The country currently has one of the the lowest per capita energy consumption rates, with 70% of its population living in rural areas that have no access to the national supply grid. Last year, the government set a target to electrify more than 35,000 households with microgrid systems by 2021.

Also this week, the government in partnership with The Asian Development Bank (ADB)held the Forum for Off-grid Renewable Energy Investment in Nay Pyi Taw to discuss investment towards Myanmar’s off-grid renewable energy sector.

AusNet Trial Successfully Takes Part of Melbourne Suburb Off-grid

A solar and battery storage microgrid trial by Victorian network operator AusNet Services has succeeded in taking part of a Melbourne suburb completely off grid, demonstrating how utilities can use solar, battery storage and the internet of things to boost energy security and reliability in the future. AusNet said on Wednesday that eight homes had been successfully separated from Victoria’s main electricity grid and operated together as a stand-alone solar and battery storage powered microgrid.

And in suburban microgrid news stateside, Alabama Power partners with Signature Homes to develop ‘Smart Neighborhood’ in Hoover (Birmingham area).


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