HOMER’s Lilienthal, Glassmire at Alaska Wind-Diesel Conference


Alaska Wind-Diesel Conference to feature HOMER’s Lilienthal, Glassmire

HOMER's Lilienthal, Glassmire at Alaska Wind-Diesel Conference
HOMER's Lilienthal, Glassmire Alaska Wind-Diesel Conference
HOMER Energy‘s Peter Lilienthal and John Glassmire are scheduled to deliver training and presentations at the Alaska Wind-Diesel Conference coming up to take place at the Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center in Fairbanks, Alaska, June 20-21.  This 5th annual event, focused on wind power systems for islands and islanded grids, provides an opportunity to learn and share information through expert panel discussions, stakeholder dialogue, and training sessions. The workshop is an Alaska Wind Working Group event. The event is sponsored by the Alaska Energy Authority, the state’s energy office tasked with reducing the cost of energy in Alaska.

About the event

The afternoon of June 20 features a HOMER Energy training followed by a full day of sessions on the 21st. Sessions will include:

  • Wind Hybrid System Integration
  • Financing, Human Capacity & Training
  • Energy Storage
  • Operational Problems & Solutions
  • Networking Opportunities

Attendees include researchers, operators, manufacturers, and military and government officials.

About the Alaska Energy Authority

The Alaska Energy Authority is an independent corporation governed by a board of directors with the mission to “reduce the cost of energy in Alaska.” AEA is the state’s energy office and lead agency for statewide energy policy and program development. Whether building modern and code-compliant bulk fuel tank farms, upgrading to high-efficiency generators in rural powerhouse systems or integrating renewable energy projects, AEA emphasizes community-based project management. AEA’s core programs work to diversify energy Alaska’s energy portfolio, lead energy planning and policy, invest in Alaska’s energy infrastructure and provide rural Alaska with technical and community assistance.

About Peter Lilienthal

Dr. Peter Lilienthal Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of HOMER Energy,  is the original developer of the HOMER® software and founded HOMER Energy in 2009 to enhance and commercialize the software. He has a Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.  Peter has been active in the field of renewable and distributed energy and energy efficiency since 1978.

About John Glassmire

John Glassmire is a globally-minded engineer who has worked across a wide range of infrastructure projects. He has interests in sustainable design, renewable energy, project management, and international development. John’s background is in mechanical engineering.


HOMER Energy is the developer of the world’s leading microgrid modeling software, HOMER Pro. With more than 150,000 users in 193 countries, HOMER is the established global leader in microgrid design optimization. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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