HOMER Pro 3.6 Steps Up to the Storage Challenge

HOMER Pro 3.6, released last week, introduces two new add-on modules that our power users have been requesting for some time:

  1. Multi-Year Inputs – allows you to model changes that can occur over the course of a project, such as PV degradation, grid price escalation, load growth, and fuel prices.
  2. Advanced Storage – including rate-dependent losses, changes in capacity with temperature, variable depth-of-discharge for cycle life, and increased degradation rate at higher temperatures.

HOMER models have shown time and time again that the economics of storage are key to many (most?) microgrid applications. The advanced storage capabilities in HOMER Pro 3.6 (with the add-on module) opens up the potential to model many new storage technologies with a great degree of precision.

HOMER Multi-Year Inputs

The ability to explicitly model changes over time has been one of HOMER’s most requested changes. Without the multi-year input module, users can do a sensitivity analysis on the changing variable.

arrow_6 The Multi-year Module requires HOMER to model each year of a project, which means that it will run 20-25 times more slowly. For this reason, we strongly recommend beginning with a sensitivity analysis and using multi-year inputs at a more refined stage of analysis.

HOMER Advanced Storage

HOMER’s new Advanced Storage Module brings many capabilities that our advanced users have requested. This module allows users to create extremely complex and advanced storage systems and model them in HOMER.

arrow_6The Advanced Storage Module requires the Multi-year Module in order to model degradation over time.

Trying the New Modules

HOMER users with current, paid licenses can add these new modules to their existing license via a free 30-day trial. To add this trial, access your account at http://users.homerenergy.com, History->Manage Licenses. You will see an “Add Trial Modules” button next to your eligible license(s).



  1. This is a wonderful innovation by HOMER. How can i access a trial version?

  2. Hi Peter Bob Lloyd here have you got any plans to include a hydro storage module. I am doing some work in South Pacific again and wish to model small island grids with hydro

    1. Bob, Our new storage module contains pumped hydro as an option. I hope that helps. We add new features either when a client can pay the development costs or when enough users ask for it. So, we appreciate the suggestion and hope we can add that sometime in the future. If it is important enough to your organization to help with the development costs, let’s schedule a call to discuss. BTW, I notice that you have retired from U. of Otago. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

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