HOMER Energy at American Solar Energy Society 2018, Boulder, CO

The American Solar Energy Society returns to Colorado this year – this time in the city of Boulder – to continue the conversation on maximizing renewable energy,  and to forge pathways for communities in every state to follow, in achieving renewables-driven electrification, climate resilience, and clean-energy driven opportunities for all.

Event: “Pathways to the Renewable Transformation,” American Solar Energy Society 2018 Conference
Dates: August 6-8, 2018
Location: Glenn Miller Ballroom, University Memorial Center, University of Colorado campus
Details: HOMER Energy Founder and CEO Dr. Peter Lilienthal will be speaking on analyzing the value and optimizing the design of solar-plus-storage systems. He will present results from the new HOMER Grid software that demonstrates the trade-offs in hybrid system design and identifies the key factors that make solar-plus-storage projects financially attractive. Monday, August 6th, Part 2 of the 11:00am session.


    1. Hi Adnan,
      Thank you for your comment. We are working on some stories about industrial customers and we hope to publish those within the coming months. Some are most interested in lowering their carbon footprint, and they use the HOMER software to find the optimal configuration for doing that. They are also interested in lowering their demand charges, and they use HOMER to model the financially optimal model for that result.
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