ZBB Introduces Breakthrough Battery Targeting the Commercial and Industrial Building Market

HOMER Energy Partner, ZBB Energy Corporation , has unveiled a breakthrough ZnBr flow battery specifically designed for behind-the-meter energy storage applications in the commercial and industrial building market. The Agile Flow Battery enables a large amount of energy to be deployed from a relatively small “footprint” within a building, for applications requiring up to 8 hours of discharged energy.

Much of the energy storage deployed to date in the C&I building market is limited to short duration power applications, such as PV ramp support, or UPS for data back-up. The Agile Flow Battery opens new pathways to realizing reduced operating costs and actually generating cash for the owner, all while delivering safe, low-cost energy in large amounts that can be discharged for hours. The building owner can now utilize the Agile Flow Battery to consume hours’ worth of energy stored during low-rate time periods for use during high-rate time periods, perform peak shaving, store underutilized PV energy for later use, participate in demand-response programs with “smart export” of electricity to the utility, and access critical back-up power for elevators or other emergency load requirements in the event of a grid outage.

“The Agile Flow Battery was designed from the start for commercial and industrial building applications, and the performance and safety of the product is ideal for this emerging market. Advanced storage technology, in conjunction with ZBB’s leading behind the meter energy management system products, position us to lead the transition towards full connectivity between the building level power plants and the utilities that want to utilize that electricity in the grid,” said Brad Hansen, President and Chief Operating Officer of ZBB Energy.

Source: Marketwired Press Release

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