World Bank Hosts Back-to-back HOMER Trainings in Myanmar and Kathmandu

HOMER Training: Myanmar, Kathmandu

Earlier this month, HOMER Energy CEO Peter Lilienthal traveled to Myanmar and Kathmandu for HOMER software training hosted by the World Bank.


homer training myanmar kathmandu

Kathmandu attendees represent a mix of government, academia, other researchers, and the private sector

homer training myanmar kathmandu

HOMER Energy CEO Peter Lilienthal presents Kathmandu trainees with graduation certificates


homer training myanmar kathmandu

Dr. Lilienthal brings HOMER software training to Myanmar

homer training myanmar kathmandu

Dr. Lilienthal demonstrates HOMER software.

homer training myanmar kathmandu

Participants break for lunch in Myanmar


  1. Hello Dr. Lilienthal,
    Have a nice day!
    It’s really great pleasure for this HOMER News regarding back-to-back HOMER Trainings in our country.
    I’m deeplygrateful to you for your very effective HOMER Trainings.
    Big Thanks for mentioned our photos!!!
    Prof. Aung Ze Ya

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