Standard Solar and Solar Grid Storage Collaborate to Complete Pioneering Commercial Solar Microgrid

Standard Solar, in collaboration with Solar Grid Storage, today announced that construction is complete on the solar microgrid project at Maryland-developer Konterra’s headquarters. The project is a grid-interactive energy storage system co-located with a 1,368 panel photovoltaic array, creating one of the nation’s first commercial-scale microgrids.

The 402.3 kW system, located at Konterra’s corporate headquarters in Laurel, MD, is estimated to generate 20 percent of the building’s annual power. The canopied solar array includes two electric vehicle charging stations with infrastructure for four additional stations.

“Our better choices to invest in clean energy have paid off. In Maryland, by making solar energy a priority, we went from approximately zero to nearly 1,319 times more solar on the state’s grid as well as 2,000 more solar installation jobs than in 2007,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “We’ve set some of the most aggressive goals in the country for reducing our energy consumption, and increasing our use of renewable energy. Solar energy will diversify our energy portfolio and make us a leader in sustainable energy development.”

The project is financed by Konterra, PNC Bank and Solar Grid Storage and supported through a Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) “Game Changer” Grant. 

The system is powered by a 402kW solar PV array that is designed to produce clean electricity as well as provide benefits such as backup emergency power, demand reduction and peak shaving. The system can also enhance grid reliability by helping balance the grid through frequency regulation, volt-ampere reactive (VARs) compensation, and demand response services. 

Source: Standard Solar