Solar Airplane to Make Historic Round-the-World Flight

HOMER Energy partner, ABB, will provide engineering support for the first ever solar-powered round-the-world airplane flight. The Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) single-person plane by Solar Impulse will use no fuel at all, generating all of its power from 17,248 solar cells on the top of the plane to power four 17.4hp electric motors. The plane will take off from Abu Dhabi in early March and will make planned stops in various countries around the world.

a7f03e3ea1fd2e31f2338fa0861c730fThe Si2 has a wingspan greater than a Boeing 747 but weighs only as much as a car. The solar cells will charge lithium-ion batteries during the day, allowing the plane to fly at night.

“Solar Impulse will inspire a new generation to embrace innovation and technology to solve the planet’s biggest challenges,” said ABB Chief Executive Officer Ulrich Spiesshofer. “ABB will be with the Solar Impulse team every mile of its journey.”

ABB and Solar Impulse get ready for historic round-the-world flight