Schneider Electric to Introduce Energy Storage Offer and New Monitoring Solutions

HOMER Energy Industry Partner Schneider Electric™ Solar Business, a global leader in solutions for the solar power conversion chain, is proud to announce that they will be presenting their new energy storage offer, along with enhanced monitoring and control solutions at the upcoming Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany on June 10-12, 2015.

Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. In 2014, it brought together over 1,000 international exhibitors and more than 42,000 visitors.

“At this year’s Intersolar Europe, we are excited to introduce our global system offering for energy storage,” said Arnaud Cantin, VP of the Power Plants Line of Business. “Banking on synergies with our highly reliable and competitive PV system offering, and leveraging our broad expertise with design, implementation, and operation of complex control systems, we are committed to delivering high performance energy storage systems to renewable project developers, utilities and large end-users, for varied applications. With Schneider Electric, customers can count on reliable systems, backed up by our global services infrastructure.”

Attendees of Intersolar Europe will get to see Schneider Electric’s Conext Core XC ES inverter, a new line of central inverters designed for advanced battery-based energy storage applications. The Conext Core XC ES series has been designed to be integrated into the ES Box, a medium voltage power conversion substation ranging from 500 kW to 2 MW, and into the Conext ControlTM SCADA-based monitoring and control system, Schneider Electric’s reputed solution for PV, energy storage or combined solar and storage plants.

In addition to energy storage solutions, Schneider Electric will also be showcasing new monitoring solutions for PV power plants, and commercial and residential applications. For PV power plants, attendees will get a first look at the new Conext Advisor. Conext Advisor is a web-based application focused on providing power plant operators and investors with high level and detailed performance analysis of a PV plant portfolio. Utilizing existing data extracted by Conext Control and leveraging the power of cloud-based analytics, users can compare the performance of their assets, identify underperforming areas within a PV plant down to the string level, and trigger adequate maintenance and refurbishment actions to maintain or enhance the energy generation over the lifetime of the asset.

For commercial and residential applications, Schneider Electric is proud to introduce Conext Insight, a remote monitoring and asset management platform for decentralized grid-tie and battery-based systems. Installers can leverage Conext Insight to remain connected with their customers and offer value-added services. It also helps to minimize truck rolls and service calls by facilitating remote diagnostics of issues. Conext Insight enables installers to gain actionable insight to make confident decisions and help their customers maximize ROI of their PV assets.

On top of new offers, Schneider Electric will also showcase their best-selling existing products and solutions at their booth. For PV power plants, attendees can learn more about Schneider Electric’s containerized power conversion systems, including the PV Skid, for North American applications, and the new PV Box ST+, both offering integrated power conversion stations up to 2 MW for PV plants worldwide.

Schneider Electric will also display their battery battery-based inverters for off-grid and hybrid applications, the Conext XW+ and Conext SW, along with the Conext CL, a line of three-phase string inverters designed for high efficiency, maximum flexibility, and easy installation and service. Schneider Electric is extending the Conext CL line to offer a higher power rating at 40 kW. The 40 kW Conext CL will be similar in size to the existing 25 kW model, but with 60% more power and ideally suited for large commercial rooftop and small ground-mounted installations. The Conext CL 40 kW model comes with new communication capabilities to enable customers to further simplify plant communication and remote servicing of their inverters.