President Obama declares November 2015 as Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month


Our Nation’s critical infrastructure is central to our security and essential to our economy.  Technology, energy, and information systems play a pivotal role in our lives today, and people continue to rely on the physical structures that surround us.  From roadways and tunnels, to power grids and energy systems, to cybersecurity networks and other digital landscapes, it is crucial that we stay prepared to confront any threats to America’s infrastructure.  During Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, we rededicate ourselves to safeguarding our infrastructure by staying attentive, alert, and ready to respond to any threats toward our homeland and our assets.

Ensuring our country has a secure and stable infrastructure is essential to our national security efforts.  Our systems and networks extend beyond the scope of government.  Many are owned by private industry, and my Administration is committed to partnering with private entities, as well as State and local governments, to secure our critical infrastructure.  Earlier this year, we convened some of America’s top infrastructure planning experts at the White House to highlight and advance important work to improve our Nation’s resilience.  We also continue to collaborate with stakeholders to mitigate risks and confront threats as part of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.  Additionally, to support the Build America Investment Initiative — a Federal effort to assist communities in constructing better and more efficient infrastructure projects — we released a Federal Resource Guide for Infrastructure Planning and Design.  This guide informs communities about relevant Federal resources and noteworthy case studies, and it outlines updated principles to guide infrastructure projects.

By some estimates, we are currently underinvesting in our infrastructure by hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  I have called on the Congress to pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan to create jobs and make America stronger.  Not only is it a threat to our national security, but failing to maintain and strengthen our infrastructure also jeopardizes our economic growth and closes doors of opportunity for all our citizens.  Our people and our businesses require an advanced infrastructure — modern ports, stronger bridges, faster trains, a modern grid, and high-speed Internet — and I am committed to efforts to build one.


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