Panelists Cite Keys for Renewable Energy

From “Panelists Cite Keys for Renewable Energy,” published March, 19, 2013 in the Boulder County Business Report:

“Homer Energy LLC in Boulder looks for places where renewable-energy projects can make money without government incentives – usually developing countries and islands, said Peter Lilienthal, chief executive of the company. Homer Energy’s software can help make wind power and other renewable-energy sources operate more efficiently with an existing power grid to save money, Lilienthal said.

Places that burn oil to make electricity, such as a native village in Alaska where two wind turbines were installed in a Homer Energy project, usually are good candidates for the software, Lilienthal said.

‘These odd places in the world are places where the renewables are going to be 60 to 70 percent of the grid. It’s possible with smart-grid technologies, but it … changes the way the systems operate,’ Lilienthal said.”