Northern Power Extends Reach Into Foreign Markets

HOMER Energy partner Northern Power Systems, manufacturer of wind turbines, has been developing wind turbines for the US market since the 1970s. But in recent years, as the renewable energy market has grown worldwide, Northern Power has been extending its market reach to foreign countries.

Since 2013, Northern Power has been partnering with Brazilian energy company WEG to deploy 2.1- and 2.3 MW wind turbines in utility scale wind farms around Brazil. The partnership has expanded to include the design and manufacture of a 3.3-MW turbine for the growing Brazilian and greater South American wind market.

Northern Power has extended its market reach into Europe and other parts of the world, as well. It already boasts many installations across the UK and has built a regional facility there. In Italy, it has launched a wind turbine that was developed specifically for low-wind conditions such as those found in the Italian countryside. In 2014, Northern Power commissioned four of its NPS 100 wind turbines in South Korea’s newest and most advanced hybrid island microgrid project.

Of the Korean project, Troy Patton, CEO and President of Northern Power Systems, said, “We are excited to be bringing our solutions to Asian markets. We have been helping to deliver stable energy solutions to hybrid microgrids for over 10 years in North America. During this time we have proven that we can provide a significantly lower cost of energy that leverages local natural resources.”