Microgrids Rank High for Top Utility Issues 2012

The Intelligent Utility newsletter lists their take on the: “Top Five Issues of 2012 (so far)”.  Of the five issues listed two of them speak directly to the core of HOMER Energy’s business.

Issue # 1: Keeping the lights on while integrating renewables…

Issue # 4: Dealing with intrusions into their business domain such as microgrids…

We are showing how microgrids are the best way to keep the lights on when integrating high contributions of renewables.  The traditional model has trouble getting past 20% with some utilities balking at more than 10%.  Our customers are designing systems in all sizes and parts of the world with 50-90% renewables.

It is noteworthy that they didn’t mention challenges with the smart grid in their 5 issues, but those are also more easily handled in a microgrid.