Hierarchic Control, Success in Kenya & More Microgrid News September 20, 2016

Microgrid News Roundup September 20, 2016



UCSD’s microgrid. Photo: University of California San Diego

The next generation: How microgrids are changing the business landscape

The major markets for the growing microgrid sector aren’t just those enterprises that want insurance in case of an outage. They also include those that want to “island” or to be solely self-reliant (for example, military installations). Many, like hospitals and college campuses, want emergency power if the utility-provided electricity cuts off. The users of microgrids all share the same goals — to make the best use of distributed resources and to reduce their overall energy demand.

Hierarchic control and energy balancing is obligatory for storage systems in modern grids

Omid Palizban, a PhD candidate at Finland’s University of Vaasa has developed in his dissertation new technology for the decentralized control of microgrids, especially in energy storage, and adopted a new standard for hierarchical control in the system. Palizban discusses the principle of hierarchic control for distributed generators and battery storage systems and proposes a new decentralized control method for controlling the microgrid.



An installation of solar energy panels in Kenya. Photo: Akon Lighting Africa

Five lessons from Kenya’s energy access boom

Kenya’s market for decentralized renewables is the fastest-moving in Africa, putting in a position to discuss its successes and challenges. Already 15 to 20 percent of Kenyan households use solar lighting, and the country is home to a pioneering green microgrid program, thousands of biodigesters, and 3,000 megawatts (MW) of micro-hydro systems. Muriithi Micheni, head of economic and trade-related matters at the Kenyan Embassy in Harare, recently spoke to Zimbabwe policy makers about the top five lessons Kenya has learned in its journey thus far.


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